Kids Program News and Update

We have a couple of changes coming this summer. Starting June 1, we are making some adjustments to the kid’s martial arts program schedule. First, the weekday classes (Monday and Wednesday) will begin at 4:15PM instead of 5:00PM.  The Saturday class will still be at 9:00AM. Also, the classes will be for 45 minutes, instead of one hour. We seem to lose the kid’s attention after 45 minutes.



After School Matters Summer 2017 Program at Chicago Mixed Martial Arts

Chicago Mixed Martial Arts High School Program is on hold for the summer (no classes). 

High school students interested in training are encouraged to attend the try-out class this Saturday 06/10 2-3PM in order to qualify for a spot in the After School Matters summer program. Visit the link below for more information on the ASM 2017 Summer High School Program.




Morning and noon classes Monday - Friday!

Work odd hours where you can only train in the morning or afternoon?  Not getting enough training in?  Can’t consistently make evening classes? Our weekday 6:30AM and 12PM noon classes are the answer to your problems. With the morning and noon classes you can even get a 2nd training session in later on in the evening if you want to go #beastmode!

1. Jump start your daily metabolism.  Exercising in the morning and you will continue to burn calories at a boosted level even after the workout is done.

2.  Virtually no scheduling conflict!  Unless you are working the first shift what else would you be doing at 6:30 am? Sleeping? Go train and get your exercise/workout out of the way!

3.  Improved daily productivity and mental health.  Exercise boosts the production of endorphin.  Additionally, training can also increase your mental abilities for 4 to 10 hours after training.

4.  Less likely to skip training due to an unexpected change of plan. Something came up at work?  Your wife wanted you to drive the kids somewhere after work?  Stuck in traffic after work?  Get your classes out of the way and you won't have to worry about skipping training due to an unexpected change of plan.

5. Having trouble sleeping at night? Studies have shown that morning workouts led to fewer sleep disruptions due to waking up in the middle of the night.

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NEW Chicago MMA presence in downtown Chicago!

Chicago MMA has officially launched Ralph Gracie Brazilian Jiu-JitsuDowntown Chicago.

We are committed to helping students transform their lives through the art of jiu-jitsu. 

Grand Opening Specials

$79 for the first 20 members -OR- $300 for a 3-month membership with free uniform/gi

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Promotions: Winter 2017

We wish to congratulate the following teammates on their recent promotions. It is a long and arduous journey. Each day on the mat is a step towards the ultimate goal. I am proud to call you teammates and friends.

Purple Belt

Jon Aguda

Blue Belt

Jordan Arrington

Andrew Lang

Maleny Trigueros

Brian Zanayed