so you are looking to join a martial arts gym…

What’s available near you

There are plenty of articles on Google that can give you some ideas on how to go about finding the martial arts gym for you. Basically, you can start by googling your zipcode + the type of martial arts gym you are interested in, i.e. 60642 mma, 60642 bjj, 60642 kickboxing.

Click on this link if you are looking for a martial arts gym in Chicago.

Narrow down THE potential candidates based on how far you are willing to travel

“People who drove 4 miles or less to the gym went 5 times or more per month.” Likewise, the closer you are to your gym, the more consistent you will be in your training. Other factors to consider would be how easily accessible is the gym to public transportation or whether parking is available. Factor these into your travel time in order to get to and from the gym as you might be pumped about getting to training, but the 30-minute drive home at 9:30pm might not be something that you can be doing over a longer period of time.

check the weekly schedule

It doesn’t matter if a gym is offering 10 classes a day if they don’t have the classes you are interested in on the days that you will be training. Most gyms will have their schedule posted online. Anything outside of the days you will be training is BONUS; however, make sure that there are classes on the the day(s) and times that you will be training.

“I want a good gym near me that’s also cheap!”

If you have had previous training experiences you will already have an idea as to what a typical monthly membership will cost. Just because you saw a gym advertising a lower rate somewhere else doesn’t mean that every gym is the same and that the prices should be similar. Know your budget and try to pick your potential gyms that is within your budget and at most an additional 10-15% more. You don’t want to select a gym that isn’t within your CURRENT budget range as this can cause you financial issues later on which would then require you to stop training.


Many gyms will not post their schedule or membership info online. This has nothing to do with the quality of the instructions or the classes/training offered. Most people who haven't done combat sports (BJJ or Muay Thai kickboxing) don't know what exactly what training will be like or why they should pay more than an average LA Fitness membership. Places that do not publicly post schedule or membership info think that they will have a better chance to sell you on the gym as well as the training provided if you are there in person. Additionally, many businesses think that competitors will simply try to undercut their prices in order to attract the same customers. Unfortunately, you can’t readily determine the quality of a gym and whether or not the gym could be one of the places you should check out if the membership pricing and the schedule are not posted online. The main question you need to ask yourself is whether or not a particular gym is worth your time to come there in person and speak to someone only to find out (1) the weekly schedule doesn’t work for you, i.e. not enough classes available when you want to be training (2) the monthly membership fee is not within your budget.

We don’t want to waste your time so all of our info is available on our website.

Additionally, we have already done some of the legwork for you by collecting info from various gyms. You can see this info below and click on the links in order to see schedule and/or membership pricing info when they are available.


If you made it this far then you are definitely serious about finding and joining a combat sport gym. This is the fun part. Now that you have your list of potential gyms that you are interested in start contacting them and see if you can come in and do a trial class. You can read the article below for some additional criteria that you can use in order to “choose the right martial arts gym” for YOU.